Fire & Ice Game Rules

Spirit of the Game / Event

The ‘spirit of the Game’ is what we, the Committee, term the attitude and atmosphere we desire at the game and event. It is our desire that all players play fairly, with good attitudes and good sportsmanship, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun in winning and in losing. Players playing outside of the ‘spirit of the game’ or participants conducting themselves outside the ‘spirit of the event’ may be removed indefinitely from the Game / Event and banned from attending future games / events. We are here to keep the FUN in FUNDRAISING!!


The current Hockey Canada/USA Hockey rules (where applicable), will govern all games, with the exception of a number of rules specific to the Fire & Ice Event Rule Book. Specific rules contained in the Fire & Ice Rules have been adapted from varying sources, specifically ISLAND HOCKEY 101, The Adult Safe Hockey League and Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association (CAHRA).

The Fire & Ice Hockey Rules have been written to ensure safety and fair play on the ice, while possessing an ongoing devotion to demonstrating sportsmanship. In an effort to uphold the liability coverage, it is required that all players play by the rules set out in Fire & Ice Rule Book.

Player Eligibility

All Players MUST be pre-registered prior to the closing date of registration. In the event of an unexpected player withdrawal, a substitute player may be added to the roster from the waiting list. ALL Players must sign in at Registration the day of the event, and ALL Players registration fees MUST be paid in order to receive their game jerseys and be permitted to participate in the event.

Equipment Requirements

ALL Players are required to wear a CSA Approved Hockey Helmet. While not specifically required, Players are reminded that wearing some form of face protection, either a half shield or full shield/cage along with a proper neck guard / throat protector is highly recommended.

Alcohol and Smoking Policy

The consumption of alcohol and smoking On Shawnigan Lake School Property is prohibited and serious liability issues may arise from this action. Players, Officials, Spectators etc. who are found possessing and/or consuming alcohol or smoking on school property will be immediately requested to leave and may be banned from attending future games / events. Alcohol may only be consumed in a designated area and only when served under the event liquor license.

Slap Shots

Slap shots are NOT permitted where the players stick is raised above the knee on the wind up. If the stick goes beyond that position, a player will be assessed a Minor penalty. If an injury to an opponent results, a Major penalty shall be assessed.

Body Checking

A Minor or Major penalty or Game Misconduct, at the discretion of the Referee, based upon the intent and the violence of the impact with the opposing player, shall be assessed to any player who intentionally bodies, pushes, shoves, stands in front of an opponent for the purpose of making contact, and/or does not avert body contact with an opponent. When injury results from intentional body contact a Major penalty or Game Misconduct shall be assessed.

List of Fire & Ice Specific Rules and Infractions

The spirit of the game is to encourage players of all abilities to enjoy a safe and friendly environment. While friendly bantering and camaraderie are encouraged, physical and verbal aggression will not be tolerated and may result in players being ejected from the game / event. The following table outlines the infractions that have been adapted from standard Hockey Rules:

Infraction Minimum Penalty Maximum Penalty
Abuse of officials (Verbal or Physical) Game Misconduct
Attempt to Injure (in any manner) Game Misconduct
Boarding Game Misconduct
Body Checking * Minor Game Misconduct
Butt-ending Game Misconduct
Charging Game Misconduct
Check to the Head Game Misconduct
Checking from behind Game Misconduct
Cross-checking * Major Game Misconduct
Elbowing * Major Game Misconduct
Fighting Game Misconduct
High-sticking * Minor Game Misconduct
Interference from players’ or penalty bench * Minor Game Misconduct
Kneeing Game Misconduct
Persists to challenge or dispute an official’s ruling * 10 minute Misconduct Game Misconduct
Roughing * Major Game Misconduct
Slashing * Major Game Misconduct
Slap Shot * Minor Major
Slew-footing Game Misconduct
Spearing Game Misconduct
Throwing stick or any object Game Misconduct
Unsportsmanlike conduct * Minor Game Misconduct
Use of profane or abusive language * Minor Game Misconduct
* Players may be assessed a penalty of varying severity at the referee’s discretion.

Players issued a Game Misconduct may be banned from the remainder of the event, and banned from participating in future games / events.

Last Updated: January 31, 2018